Napa Legal League


NLI’s vision is simple—to protect and advance the missions of Catholic nonprofit organizations through corporate education and legal resources. Three key three pillars allow us to advance this mission:

- Pillar I: Integrating Faith and Professional Life
- Pillar II: Education and Publication
- Pillar III: Partnerships and Community

We recognize that these pillars must stand on a solid foundation. That’s why the Napa Legal Institute is launching its flagship program: The Napa Legal League.

The League seeks to become a nationwide network of attorneys, accountants, and nonprofit professionals committed to Catholic culture-building in the 21st Century. It will feature two primary tracts—Working Groups and Regional Chapters designed to accomplish the following:

- Content Creation
- Spiritual Formation
- Professional Networking
- Education and Training

Content Creation will fall under the responsibility of NLL’s Working Groups. League members will have the opportunity to join virtual working groups tasked with the responsibility of publishing white papers and building-out NLI’s online library.

The latter three purposes (Spiritual Formation; Professional Networking; Education and Training) will take place through Regional Chapters that will host happy hours, seminars, and other relevant events for League Members. We hope to begin launching chapters across the nation in 2020.

Below is a diagram that illustrates the organizational makeup up NLI’s Napa Legal League, which also includes the subject areas where each working group is focused:
If you are interested in joining a working group or learning more about the Napa Legal League, please email us at, with the subject line: Legal League Inquiry.

Napa Legal Institute
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